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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Day 23: He's a Mean One...

Mr. Grinch!
I wanted to make the boys some fun shirts for school today (the last day before vacation). I thought this design from DigiStitches was funny and not too babyish. I found the perfect "Grinch Green" fleece for the hand and I already had white fur felt for the cuff. I bought a patterned Christmas fabric for the ornaments and fussy-cut different motifs.
Long-sleeve t-shirts from Walmart, of course! This is the first one I did. Looks great, doesn't it? It was not until I un-hooped it that I realized I embroidered on the inside of the shirt. That's the first time I've made that particular mistake. Ugg. It took about 45 minutes per shirt, not because of the stitching, but trimming around the fingers was delicate!
Round 2 was Andy's little shirt. It went fine and I like the patterns on the ornament- it reminds me of a fair isle Christmas sweater.
I had to wait until the next day to re-do Davy's shirt, but it also went fine. He asked for the trees on his ornament, then didn't like it because one was pink. He wore it today, though, and it looked very festive!
Here are the brother shirts. Andy ended up not wearing his, because he remembered that today was Pajama Day: "for real" as he told me.

I have finished all of my Christmas sewing projects and I still have 2 things left to share. My house is pretty neat, decorations are up, presents wrapped, clothes laid out, menus planned, food in fridge, cookies baked, teachers' gifts given. I think I am almost ready!!

Happy Festivus- A Holiday for the Rest of Us!!


amalowany said...

Love the shirts. Do you remember where you purchased the design from? It is really sweet.

Elisabeth Rose said...

THANKS! It's from DigiStitches.