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Tuesday, June 28, 2016


From now through July 4 you can buy all 3 of my patterns for the price of 1! Just $8 for the Pinafore, Sunsuit, and Bonnet patterns!! 
Here are some pictures of what you can do with them:

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming

I happily found a theme for today's post: swimming.
Katie spearheaded the making of this adorable Nemo & Dory Tic Tac Toe set for Father's Day. The boys and I helped paint the fish rocks. It was much harder than it looked! The board is a painted slice of log. Katie coated everything in a glossy protective coat which looks great.
Last summer Rosie asked me to made a swimsuit. The fabric was bought at a discount store we love. Only $4/yd, so great to practice on. The order was placed for a tankini with a simple tank top and plain bottoms. Do you know I could not find a basic pattern for that with the thick straps? I could only find the spaghetti type straps or halter tops. I finally did find a top that was OK, but then I decided to start really simple with a 1-piece.
The whole suit is lined with a super nice, thick white swim fabric. I got a remnant of it at Joann's for $4, normally $25/yd. It made me realize how thin the green fabric is (basically see-through if unlined). Do you see the beautiful finish done by the cover-stitch? I love it!
This is how nice it looks on the inside: just like store-bought.
The only problem I had was the application of elastic. I did the legs first, figuring they would show less. I followed the pattern directions and cut the elastic at 90% of the leg opening. That was too much and as you can see in the top picture, it is not very gathered. For the arms/neck, I just pulled it as I stitched. That worked OK, but it is somewhat uneven. I will have to practice more. 
The suit fits, but it is a bit short and pulls in the back. Still, a good first try. Next I might try the 1-piece "wetsuit" type swimwear for Andy or a cutie girl suit for Ella. 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

What's in a Week?

Well, in the past 2 weeks, I have had a very busy family...
My "baby" boy turned 6...and we had a party!
Katie officially became a member of the "Class of 2016!"
...and we had a graduation party!
Rosie and Pete started summer jobs...
I fit in bits of sewing...
Yes, this was me (many times)
Davy and Andy had field days. I got to do the hula hoop cars at Andy's and run musical chairs at Davy's. Did you know that musical chairs can be quite competitive?

Rosie is in a dance recital this weekend!
and we are going to see- "oh, look- new fabric!" Ummmm...we are going to see the new Dory movie tomorrow.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Counterchange Challenge: Cutie Pie Shorts

My Smocking Guild had a challenge in September to make something with the counterchange smocking technique. I made these cute shorts ages ago, but I didn't want to post them until we did the reveal, which was today.
Counterchange is a type of smocking that is done on striped or checked fabric, with no pre-pleating. The stitches gather the fabric as you go and create a colored effect. It is still naturally elastic, but not as much so as English smocking. I gathered these bubbly pockets with counterchange.
The floral fabric is by Fabric Finders. I purchased it on ebay and can't find it anymore. I just LOVE it- both the delicate print and the lovely colors. These shorts are size 12-18 months. I would like to make a top to go with them, but have yet to do so.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Unleash the Kracken!!

This outfit came together under fun circumstances. I purchased a boy's scrap pack of custom knits. There were about 15 pieces, each big enough to do a shirt front or a bum circle or sleeves, etc. but not a whole outfit. I started with the panels for the shorts and added a co-ordinating green solid. The shorts panels are trapeziums:

After I cut the 2 shorts panels, I had another trapezium left. I trimmed it and added the green all around. Then I cut out a tank top front. I used black ribbing to finish the neck and armholes.

My sweet little boy just turned 6 and he is all about comfort! I think this outfit will pass his test!