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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Smocked Newborn Floral Bubble

This was a fun project! I wanted to make a truly newborn-sized smocked bubble. So many "newborn" patterns don't fit until the baby is 12-15lbs. Even a 9lb newborn is TINY. So, I calculated and reduced my Chery Williams' Bishop Bubble pattern to 93%. I then smocked and constructed as usual and it's a perfect fit on my newborn-sized reborn "Elisabeth".

Here it is modeled. She also has on a smocked bonnet I made. I will share more photos of that later.

It is a perfect fit.

Here is a closeup of the smocking. I did a 1/2 space wave at the top and wove 1/8" ribbon through. 

The rest is just a wave pattern with pink flowerettes.

The sleeves are also smocked with ribbon run through and tied.

The fabric is a luscious floral lawn that is very soft and has a bit of  sheen. Really pretty!

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Hand Knit Bonnets

I have been on a knitting kick this spring. I started with 30+ dishcloths and when I got sick of those, I moved on to some other items. Here is a bonnet that could be called "Knit in a Day" bonnet. It is a very soft worsted yarn called "Feels Like Butta" no, that's not my New England accent- it's really called that.
I love the pretty lilac color. This is a newborn size, modeled by Elisabeth, a doll my daughter made me! The pattern is Crooked Little Baby Bonnet.

Here;s another quickie knit. This one is the beautiful fan and feather pattern that I have fallen in love with. It's deceptively easy to knit but looks fancy.
Also in worsted weight yarn, this one is FREE on Ravelry HERE.
They both still need their ribbons attached.
I have several other knits to share and also some quilting! Lots of handwork lately.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Ducks Love Rain!

My quilt guild had a challenge to make a quilted wallhanging with the theme "LOVE."
The max size is 20"x20"- otherwise you could do anything you like. I decided to enlarge my vintage ducky with umbrella embroidery design to fit my large hoop. I pieced and quilted the front BEFORE I did the embroidery, so that the embroidery stitches wouldn't be covered by the quilting stitches.
My 2 pet ducks LOVE rain, water, puddles,  etc. so that's how this fits the theme! I named this quilt "Puddle Ducky".
I had a fun time making this from 30's prints and a yellow background. 
The quilts our guild members made will be raffled off to make money for our guild.
I only have a little picture of the others, but we got a nice variety of colors and patterns!!
I love challenges- they are a fun way to get a project done!!