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Sunday, November 16, 2014

My P.H.D.

Yes, a P.H.D. for Lisa! It's the Projects Half Done club for me. I have started (or planned) so many projects: now I need to finish some!
This is how much is done on Andy's Christmas Overalls. I always choose a color theme for the kids and this year we picked royal blue with silver. These are a very soft corduroy with the jingle bell applique from Planet Applique- I never go wrong with their designs. Not to say the same for the thread I used. The silver stitched beautifully, but when I tried to outline the letter in blue, the thread was horrible. I ended up going over it with silver and it looks OK now.
Katie made this teddy bear cake for the Baby Shower we ran last weekend. Thank goodness that's over with!
Rosie made these cute baby face cupcakes, too! I have really talented kiddos!

This is a prototype smocked barrette for my new smocking guild. They need a project to make with 8-10 year old girls and I offered to make a sample. It's just a smocked piece glued onto a large snap barrette. What do you think??
Not yet begun are: a bargello Christmas tree skirt and stocking cuffs (7 of them- aaargh!)
I also started crocheting an owl hat for Andy, but I don't have enough done yet to share. What are you up to??

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Baby Shower Prep: Feltie Favors

Well, I've been busy and just haven't taken the time to blog. I have worked on several projects, though!
I am running a baby shower on Saturday. My friend is due with a baby boy on Christmas! I made some onesie and diaper feltie candy holders as a decoration/favor.
I digitized these myself a couple of years ago for another friend's baby shower. They are easy to make, but it still took a few hours to make 21 of them. The onesies stitch 4 at a time and the diapers 3 at a time in the 6x10 hoop.
I used 2 layers of felt, but added a layer of baby-themed cotton over the onesies to make them look prettier.
The diapers are just 2 layers of felt.
They all hold a sweet surprise: Ghirardelli squares or Hershey bars. For the shower, I will hang these with tiny clothespins on my mantle. One candy will have a sticker on it, so whoever chooses it will win a prize.
I promise to blog sooner with the shower favors, a bassinet I painted, and more!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fall Table Runner- 2fer

I made my Mom a table runner for her birthday AND one for myself, too! The pattern is a little postcard that I bought at a quilt shop- it's called "Two-For" by Pieced Tree. The only change I made was to shorten it to 4 pumpkin blocks long, because I thought that was long enough and I only had that much of the pretty pumpkin fabric!
I wanted to make a fall-themed runner to leave on my table when it's not in use and I thought this pattern looked easy but attractive. The fabrics were from a bundle of fall-themed fabrics I bought for a dollar at my quilt guild auction in June. They were donated by a friend who just moved away, so the runners will be special in that they will remind me of her, too. She has excellent taste in fabrics and color selection.  This was a "charmed" project, as I call it when it goes with no problems. I has just enough of the fabric and I made no mistakes! The machine stipple quilting went without a hitch and I was able to piece enough of the brown for binding.
Now I just have to finish off mine. It may actually be done in time for the Fall holidays - yeah!
Detail of machine stipple quilting