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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The "UGLY??" Christmas Suit!

Every year, I have special pictures done for Christmas. Originally, I was going to do a glittery-retro-turquoise/pink/purple theme. I had a hard time finding anything that fit that bill. Some years, I have made special shirts- the "M-E-R-R-Y" theme and the "Greetings from Around the World (and Star Trek)" theme. 
Then inspiration struck. I found this "Ugly Christmas Suit" on Amazon!!
Perfect for Hubby and the 3 sons!! They didn't want to do it, but I was determined. I ordered them in November (and it's a good thing because they are a lot more $$ now). They arrived and are actually really nice quality- if you don't mind the slick polyester fabric. I don't mean slick as in smooth, I mean "slick" baby, with attitude.
Then, a new dilemma- what will the 2 daughters and I wear?  A seach for the "tacky Christmas dress" ensued. I ordered some shiny vintage Christmas scene dresses on Amazon, but they weren't right. (aka truly ugly). I was now calling my theme "1950s Kitsch"- it sounds so much better than "ugly Christmas." I felt I must remain true to the elegance of the men's suit and tie. Younger daughter wanted to go full-on knit Santa dresses or elf suits, but it just wasn't right. 
Internet searches and sleepless nights
Good thing I started hunting at the beginning of  November, because Prime Shipping wasn't going to save me this time!
Enter "Rose Gal" The totally elegant, "kitschy" skirts were perfect! And cheap!!

What to do for my little boy Andy who is 7? Still plenty of time to make a suit!! I bought "Logan's Suit Jacket" on Create Kids Couture and 5 1/2 yards of Santa and Rudolph fabric at Joann's.

I literally finished it the morning of the pictures. What else is new? I work well under deadlines!

It turned out we had a blast doing these pictures. The entire studio (in the mall) loved them! People were asking where we got them, what a great idea, awesome!!
We were all laughing so hard doing this and the silliest one of all was my Hubby! He is usually a quiet, straight-laced kind of guy, but he was cracking up, joking around, and had us laughing too! My kids dubbed it the "Magic Christmas Suit" and isn't that what Christmas is really all about? The Magic!!
These outfits may have been tacky, kitschy, whatever but we made some really "Magical" Memories!! And I have photos to prove it!! (Maybe I'll share the family ones soon!)m

Monday, November 13, 2017

Fingertip Towels

I don't know where October went, but here we are quickly heading for Thanksgiving. I embroidered several items to sell for extra Christmas money. If they don't sell, they will become gifts eventually! Today I'll share some fingertip towels I did.
The first one has a cute, colorful snowman.
I did 2 of this one with an elf clothesline.
This one is pretty with a wintry snowman design.
Finally, this one has lanterns stitched in gold thread.

My Mom loves fingertip towels to put in the bathroom for guests. They are a festive touch at this time of year and I love how easy they are to stitch.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Knit Rosebud Bishop Dress and Fancy Diaper Cover

I was invited to a baby shower this weekend for my friend's sister. She is having her fifth child (yeah for Moms of 5!) and it is a little girl. Since my last 2 children are boys, it was fun to plan some pink sewing. My daughter suggested a knit fabric for the "modern" Mom.

I thought that was a good idea and had only smocked on knit fabric once before. I had made my little guy a romper from AS&E, but I used a very lush Sea Island Cotton, which was a disaster to pleat. Many broken needles were the result. This fabric was purchased from Hancock online before they went out of business and I have plenty, so I thought I'd give it a try. It is a lovely quality and very soft, but not as thick as the Sea Island knits.

It went through the pleater beautifully. I smocked a very simple design in 2 shades of a purply-pink to match the rosebuds. I used a free Wee Care Bishop pattern from AS&E in newborn size. I don't know if it's still available, but it was in one of their old issues, too. I think it will be more of a 3 months size, which doesn't surprise me as I find their patterns run large.

I did take some fullness out of the front and back pieces, to accomodate the heavier fabric. I removed 2" on the front and 2" on the back. I originally took 1" from the sleeves, but they were too skimpy, so they are the original pattern. I still think they look skimpy and would have liked them a little fuller.

I thought about using a woven fabric for the neckband and sleevebands, but I ended up using the same knit. I used some german interfacing on the bands and they were a delight! The knit folded over (as usual) and was hand-stitched to the back. The bit of stretch made it so smooth with none of that ugly "twisted" look you sometimes get on neckbands. Of course, they were cut across the grain, not on the bias.

The little diaper cover was purchased in a destash group for $3. It has a double-seat and eyelet, elastic legs. Worth every penny to save the time! It is a truly little size- probably 0-3 mos and I think it will go well with the dress or would be so cute for those "diaper-only" newborn photos.

The monogram is done by machine. The design is from Attic Treasures. I've had this set for awhile and finally got to use it! I love, love, love it! Definitely I will use this one again.
The new Mom really liked the set- I hope I will see pictures of "Baby K" in it soon!!