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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Wee Chicklet Gown

Caught you there, right? You're thinking the gum, but I'm talking about the baby animals. I call them that because my little boy has named out latest batch of pets: chicklets and ducklings. I will share them soon!!
I have so many things to share, but I need to take the photos. We were sort of stuck in winter here until about 3 weeks ago, so now I am motivated to get some great pictures.
This preemie gown and bonnet was the first of a 2-day class my Guild held with Joy Welsh. We had a great time- she is a lovely lady and a super talented teacher, too. I wish she lived closer!
The gown is from her multi-sized preemie/baby gown and this class showed us how to make the front and back hems, sleeves, and bonnet in-the-hoop on the embroidery machine. Then we added the machine shadow-work chicklets.
I have used her shadow-work designs before and the technique is much easier than you would think. All of the embroidery on this set is stitched with DMC 50wt cotton thread.
The front hem was too large for my biggest (6x10) hoop, so I did a re-hooping for the first time. It went smoothly and I don't think you can tell where the design was matched up.
You probably can't tell from the photos how tiny this set is. I think it would fit about a 3 lb baby. The model is one of the first reborn dolls my daughter painted. She does an amazing job!!
Joy designed this set to have a liner, sort of like a built-in slip, under the front and inside the bonnet. These pieces were trimmed with narrow lace and peek out. I absolutely love the way it looks and it's a great treatment for hemlines especially if you want a built in slip/liner to cover the back of embroidery.
The lace looks like it's stitched behind the embroidery, but it's actually a full/separate panel.
The bonnet is also fully lined and the ties are silk ribbon.
I love this little set and had so much fun making it, too! Thank you, JOY!

Here's a sneak preview of one of our new chicklets in my azalea. Her name is Henny Penny!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Crabby Short Set

I had the privilege of taking 2 days of excellent classes with Joy Welsh of Applique for Kids. She came to my Smocking Guild to teach 2 machine embroidery classes. The first day was a shadow work Wee size daygown which I will share soon. The second day was this adorable crab outfit!

The collars, cuffs, and pocket were stitched "in the hoop" of our embroidery machines. This is something I am very familiar with, but I have never done a whole outfit this way!

Here's a look at the collar and cuffs. They were stitched one-at-a-time and due to the size of the cuffs, Joy stitched those for me on her giant 7x11 hoops. The collars and pocket I did.

The pocket. All of the designs co-ordinate with the Fabric Finders' fabric we had for our shorts. Joy provided kits that were complete down to all the threads, buttons, and size label! Her written directions were amazing!! She gave us a huge packet with all the info we needed!

Here'e one of my collars stitching out...

and here are my pieces laid out as I made them.

I did something a little different for my shorts. I made a size 1 top and decided to do cuffed bubble shorts from my crab fabric. I also love the scalloped shorts that came with the design, but I love bloomers on little ones, so I made these.

This blue is a better picture than the one above it. Here is the finished outfit showing both pieces. I am thinking about making an additional top from red gingham with some smocking to make a mix-and-match set.
I had so much fun in the classes and it was a "joy" to meet Joy!!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Goose Girl Smocked Dress

I recently "organized" my smocking UFOs (unfinished objects) into zip lock bags in a basket on my sewing desk (also my computer desk/writing desk/kitchen desk). I have at least 12 garments in various stages of completion, from smocked bits to completed garments that need to be smocked. This dress was someone else's UFO- bits of fabric and the smocked dress front. I  was limited in what I could do by how much fabric I had.
I didn't have collars or sleeve bindings, so I did a Swiss eyelet edge on the sleeves with elastic and a ruffle at the neckline. I like it- it's something different. The pattern is Chery Williams' Baby Square Yokes, size 24 mos. It still needs to be hemmed.
It is fun to see how changing the colors makes it look: