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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Kitschy Kitchen Towels

I've been having fun making button-up kitchen towels this week. My hubby has bought me the crochet-topped towels before and I love them.

Why do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

1. Because my kids always drop the towel on the floor.

2. Because they wipe up yucky things with my towels.

3. Because if I don't have a designated "hand-drying" towel, I can easily do through a roll of paper towels a day!

4. Because these only take scraps of fabric and 15 mins to make!

5. Because these are so cute and kitschy- like me!

These are some of the first batch. I had already given one to my Mom. Her kitchen has gray and light sea blue, so I thought these colors would be pretty. The brown one is for me. I have 4 more in brighter colors almost finished. I think these would make great hostess gifts, too.

What do you think?

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Vintage "Glad Rags"

I recently found a vintage button-on suit in a larger size. I try to get them when I find them, especially because my little Andy is a great model for them.

This is what I imagine the little 1930s boys wore to school or play. Andy doesn't like all the buttons. How did boys ever go potty?

Here you can see that my azalea is in bloom. It was a Mother's Day present several years ago.

Here is the tag. Glad Rags, age 7. My Andy is nearly 5 and tall for his age, but I can't imagine this fitting but the most petit of 7 year olds!  The shirt fabric is a sort of woven jacquard with swirls. It feels like cotton.

Here's the back view. It has belt loops, so maybe once upon a time it also had a belt?

A parting shot from Carter, our dog, enjoying time on the porch. Do you see his smile?

Thursday, May 7, 2015

New Babies: Henrietta & Chicky

So, just on Saturday you meet Pip & Squeak, our new chicks. Sadly, Pip got sick the next day and despite my best efforts, she could not be saved. Chickens are social creatures, which is why I have always bought 2 or 3 at a time.
2 Summers ago, we started our flock with Bennie, Blackie, and Shelly. Bennie is a Bantam (mini) and he ended up being a rooster, not a hen. He was the sweetest little guy and followed me around like a dog. He is also a terrific flier. Our neighbor complained about his crowing, so he went to live at a nearby chicken farm. He got a Bantam girlfriend and is quite happy and we can still go visit him. Here are our first 3 when we got them:
Last summer, we added 2 more chicks, because it is good to have at least 3, in case something happens to one. We didn't want a repeat of the rooster fiasco, so we bought "guaranteed" pullets (girls). We chose Peep & Golden:
 However, it slowly became apparent that the word guarantee isn't quite right. Yes, Peep was a rooster. And not a sweet, tiny Bantam that followed me to the mailbox like a dog. No, Peep was evil. This rooster had it in for me. He bit, pecked, flew at you, etc. He also went to the farm and we were back to 3 again.
This year, I was going to order 2 more chicks, but when I went to the Farm Store, they had ordered some Khaki Campbell ducklings, which live on land. Of course, only my lack of a pond had prevented me getting ducks before, so I ordered 2. Let's just say the Daddy behind Mommy's Apron Strings was not most pleased. Since we had recently acquired a puppy that he wasn't too thrilled about, I felt I must concede the ducklings- at least for this year. Then on Friday, my daughter Katie bought me 2 more chicks, which you met: Pip & Squeak. Squeak couldn't be raised alone, so we got her 2 little friends: Chicky & Henrietta (and they are all "guaranteed" pullets!)
Here they are last night in front of my forsythia. They are just so sweet. Like human babies, you just forget how tiny and soft they are!! We are enjoying them a lot and this week's warm weather has been perfect to take them in the yard for a little while.
Tomorrow, I will share pictures of my big hens!

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