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Thursday, April 2, 2020

There's no place like home...

These are certainly unprecedented times, with Covid-19, quarantine, and distance learning. My little boy's teacher has done a wonderful job planning and executing the lessons for his class. She loves the Wizard of Oz: both the book and the movie. At the beginning of the year, she read the book to his class. He is my fifth child to have this teacher for 4th grade and we have loved her every time!!

We thought it would be fun to send her a care package. When I saw this free design from Drop Dead Threads, I knew it was PERFECT. It's sort of a pun, too. My son insisted that the slippers must be silver, as they are in the book. We sent this to his teacher along with some Friendship Bread Starter - maybe that will be my next post. She loved it and sent us a picture of it hanging on her oven. The towel is my favorite style: the Williams-Sonoma Kitchen Essentials- it is huge, thirsty, soft, and has a flat front for embroidery with terry back.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Door Series: January & February

I am participating in a fun 2020 sew along with DIME embroidery. They are offering a free door applique/embroidery design every month this year!
This is the January door. I added a felt applique of my dog, Carter. He's a Yorkie-Poo, but everyone thought he looked like a terrier.
I was unprepared for the first one, so my fabrics are quite scrappy.

And here is the February door- there are fun touches each month, like the pink letter in the mailbox and the heart-shaped flag on it. I made my snowlady's scarf and hat in Valentine colors. I did change the icicles because I didn't like them as fluffy as the original.
I hope to get to the beautiful March door this week! Last weekend I visited one of my favorite quilt shops and found a few "landscaping" fabrics as I call them: wood, stone, brick, cloud, and trees! I'm excited to try them out.
#dimedoor #dimesewalong

Monday, February 24, 2020

Smocked Dress Quilts

Over the past 10 years or so, I have made a few of these Smocked Dress Quilts. Two are finished and one is in the works.
I had done this top a few years ago, but I never liked the sashing, so it was put away. Motivated by my Guild's Quilt Show coming in October, I dug it out. I took the blocks apart and am framing them in solid colors now. Here they are (some of them are hard to photograph):

I will then sash these framed blocks with white and I know I will like it much better! This one is fun because each dress is a different style: bishop, yoke dress, heirloom, etc.

This one is approximately twin-size and shows the blocks framed individually. This was hand-quilted by my Mom and won "Viewer's Choice" in our last Guild Show. This one is totally bishop dresses.

This one shows the ruffled Swiss embroidered edging I used. It makes it very girly!
Here are close-ups of a couple of these blocks:
I love this fabric- it's one of my favorite blocks!
This one is fun with the strawberries!
I featherstitched the hem on this one- you can have fun doing anything on these!!

This is the first one I did- I taught this block/smocking at a Quilt Shop and make my samples into a baby quilt. This one is fun with the pieced filling. Super girly and fun- this one is about 42"

I made my own patterns for these. I basically used the size of an American girl dress pattern to get my yokes and sleeves. You just need the front of the dress and half of the sleeve. I have a nice little assortment of pieces that I can mix and match to make new dresses. I think after the latest one is done, I'd like to try a quilt of little boy outfits!!