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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Comforting Pillowcases

On Friday, I hosted a "Pillowcase Workshop" at my house. We are in the middle of strep throat, so it has been a bit busy here.
About 14 ladies from my Quilt Guild came and sewed. We made pillowcases for our Comfort Quilt Closet. These are destined to be used as wrappers for quilts presented to people.  Besides making a nice presentation, the pillowcases are useful, too.
We made them using the "Sausage" method wherein the cuff encases the seam, so it's nice and neat. Most of them have an accent strip, too. We had some fun novelty prints to work with. They are so  quick to make, I think I should make some for my own family! We actually will end up with more than 20, because people brought some home to work on, too.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Comfy Joggers for Andy!

I made joggers for Andy this week! They are a very soft cotton French Terry from JoAnn's. The cuffs are cotton ribbing with dinosaurs. The pattern is Boxwood Joggers by Sew Like My Mom. 
The side view shows the triangular insert. There is also an option to have a pocket over the insert, so plenty of options.
Elastic is hidden in the waistband to keep them up.

Andy loves wearing these around the house! Katie has asked for some in ladies size, so I'll be off to try that pattern next!!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Row Robin Begins...

You might remember these little vintage blocks I shared a few weeks ago. I stitched them to make the first row for a Row Robin project I am participating in with my Quilt Guild. We have groups of 6 people. Everyone makes a row for their own quilt, then it gets passed each month to someone else in the group. By June, we will each get our rows back with 6 total rows made by 6 different people.

I struggled with a theme, but finally decided to do something for my "business:" Mommy's Apron Strings. I did the embroidery row, because I don't think my quilting friends do machine embroidery.
I put a lot of fabric into the bag- mostly 30s prints, pretty florals, ginghams, etc. I am hoping someone will do a row of little aprons!

I made pinwheel blocks to go between the embroidered motifs.
The banner with "Mommy's Apron Strings" was done in 3 6x10 hoopings. I did not attach the rows together, because I have to see what I get back first.
The embroideries are stitched in DMC 50wt cotton thread, with an 80wt Madeira cotona in the bobbin. I like to use cotton thread for my heirloom projects. However, I have very few colors, which helped dictate which designs I could choose (and that's why we have a blue lamb!)

I will be working on my friend's row tomorrow- it is a challenging one with a cat/home sweet home theme. Still not sure what to do, but it's due next week so I need to get busy!