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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Row Robin Begins...

You might remember these little vintage blocks I shared a few weeks ago. I stitched them to make the first row for a Row Robin project I am participating in with my Quilt Guild. We have groups of 6 people. Everyone makes a row for their own quilt, then it gets passed each month to someone else in the group. By June, we will each get our rows back with 6 total rows made by 6 different people.

I struggled with a theme, but finally decided to do something for my "business:" Mommy's Apron Strings. I did the embroidery row, because I don't think my quilting friends do machine embroidery.
I put a lot of fabric into the bag- mostly 30s prints, pretty florals, ginghams, etc. I am hoping someone will do a row of little aprons!

I made pinwheel blocks to go between the embroidered motifs.
The banner with "Mommy's Apron Strings" was done in 3 6x10 hoopings. I did not attach the rows together, because I have to see what I get back first.
The embroideries are stitched in DMC 50wt cotton thread, with an 80wt Madeira cotona in the bobbin. I like to use cotton thread for my heirloom projects. However, I have very few colors, which helped dictate which designs I could choose (and that's why we have a blue lamb!)

I will be working on my friend's row tomorrow- it is a challenging one with a cat/home sweet home theme. Still not sure what to do, but it's due next week so I need to get busy!

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