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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

A "Dream" Come True!

A few weeks ago, in the midst of every cold/sore throat/virus going through our house, I had a great opportunity to buy a gently used Brother Dream Machine. My friend Janice found it for me in Florida and the wonderful store shipped it north!

This machine is totally amazing! It is a huge step up from my beloved Viking Designer 1. My largest hoop used to be 150x240mm and it's now 200x360mm!! That's 9x5"x 14"!! It's crazy!
I never would have attempted certain designs before that needed many re-hoopings. Today I am tackling the Blue Ribbon Baby Crib Cover. It has about 75000 stitches and I was able to combine it into 3 hoopings with  my new huge hoop!
One of the incredible things about this machine is that it has a scanner and a camera, so I just scanned the fabric for the 2nd hooping and it shows my finished embroidery along with the new part I am about to stitch! Teh elephant in the picture is already stitched and the light blue bow is the next section. I quickly used my arrows to place it and I'm off!! It is a real game changer!
I haven't even begun to explore all that this machine can do, but I'm looking forward to it!!