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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Counterchange Challenge: Cutie Pie Shorts

My Smocking Guild had a challenge in September to make something with the counterchange smocking technique. I made these cute shorts ages ago, but I didn't want to post them until we did the reveal, which was today.
Counterchange is a type of smocking that is done on striped or checked fabric, with no pre-pleating. The stitches gather the fabric as you go and create a colored effect. It is still naturally elastic, but not as much so as English smocking. I gathered these bubbly pockets with counterchange.
The floral fabric is by Fabric Finders. I purchased it on ebay and can't find it anymore. I just LOVE it- both the delicate print and the lovely colors. These shorts are size 12-18 months. I would like to make a top to go with them, but have yet to do so.


SAGANews said...

Will you share this challenge with SAGANews and SAG members?

Elisabeth Rose said...

Do you mean by sending in a photo of our projects? Or posting somewhere? I could if you tell me where you would like to see it. I took many pictures.

Gingerbread Tearoom said...