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Friday, December 4, 2015

Day 4: Shirts for "The Guys, ah, Geeks"

I saved the best for last. Today I will show you the Christmas shirts I made for Hubby and Pete. I originally planned to make shirts only for the kiddos, but when I had an inspiration for hubby's, I had to expand to all 7 of us.
I can think of some friends who will get this right away. If you don't, it's binary. Each letter is represented by a series of 1s and 0s. I "sort of" get it. #1 Son lives this stuff. He tells me next year's shirt must be Elvish or Draconian. Yeah, Ok.

Now, the "piece de resistance". The inspiration for the series! The "creme de la creme" of the geek world:
Some of you are laughing right now. I know. Others are thinking, "what the heck?" It's Klingon, from Star Trek. Hubby has a long love affair with the many series of Star Trek. I wasn't even born when the original series was on, but hubby loved watching re-runs as a tot. He was a tot when men landed on the moon and remembers thinking it wasn't a big deal, because people had already traveled the galaxy. When we were dating, I was thrilled to find a guy who was only addicted to one hour a week, not hours of sports! So, this has fond memories for me. This font feels "Klingon-y" to me, but it's actually called "Daggers" from Jolson's. Shocking that no one has digitized the real Klingon font, is it not??

So, tune in tomorrow and I'll show you how the pictures turned out!! Merry QISmaS!!

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