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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Day 10: A Stationery Case

My Mom requested a custom Stationery Case for Christmas. This is great because she is really hard to shop for! She wanted a zippered pouch 6"x8".

I love making cases "in the hoop" on the embroidery machine. It is quicker and the zippers are perfect. Also, it automatically quilts it for you. So, I searched for a 6"x8" case and I could not find a single one!! I found all sorts of sets, but none that size and none with the quilting. So, I re-sized a diaper wipes case that I already had and didn't it work well!?

I only have about a yard of this gorgeous fabric. I think I got it at one of my Guild's auctions. I've been saving it for the right project. I think it looks wonderful! I used a pale yellow zipper and pale yellow thread for the quilting. The top picture show how notecards will fit. My Mom likes to keep notes, stamps, and address stickers handy. Maybe if I make myself one I'll remember to send thank you notes like my Mom taught me!!

I'm running out of finished projects to share and still 15 days to go! I am going to have to share some recipes or decorating while I finish a few more projects!!

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Hellloooooo said...

Beautiful, Fabulous gift idea!