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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Daygown Sew Along, week 1

Ready to Start!

I started the daygown sew along at the Old Fashioned Baby yesterday. I ordered my supplies last week from 2 great Heirloom Shops, Fine Stitchery and Roxane's Heirlooms. I wanted to make a blue gown for Andy, so I ordered blue Japanese Lawn (only $7.50/yd) and blue Satin Batiste (only $9.50/yd). I had never used either of these fabrics before. They are both so nice that I wavered all week on which one to use, finally choosing the Satin Batiste. I have made my daygowns from Swiss Batiste before, which is also lovely, but I like these fabrics because they have a little more body and a little less wrinkle, while still maintaining the soft hand and sheer quality of the Swiss. Not to mention that they cost about 1/3 the price of Nelona. I will definitely be using these for rompers in the future. I also ordered some narrow lace, narrow Swiss, and I have tatting, so I'm not sure which trim I'll use yet.

I found a sewing buddy to do the sew-along with me. She is a friend from my Quilt Guild who loves to sew by hand. She has never done French Handsewing and is excited to learn. She is making hers from pink Swiss Batiste for her "Grandmother's Hope Chest". So, we got together yesterday and pre-washed, ironed, and cut our fabric. Then we stitched down the back facings. That's it for week 1.
It was very enjoyable to stitch by hand. I think that I will try to make the entire daygown by hand. The only place I may be tempted to use my machine is on the buttonholes. I hate making buttonholes!

Thank you to everyone who has been leaving comments. It is great to get feedback and I'm excited that so many of you found this blog in my first week!


Jeannie B. said...

It was great to see your post about the Sew Along!! Hope you are enjoying it!

Have courage - Buttonholes are next!

Elisabeth Rose said...

I am looking forward to the second lesson on Friday. I am so glad you are doing this Sew Along!