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Friday, July 30, 2010

Overalls, After All...and a Tea Shirt

I'm pretty pleased with the way these little overalls turned out. Originally, I wanted to make classic button-on-the-shoulder overalls with a smocked insert. This would be cute and comfy over a turtleneck. Believe it or not, I didn't have such a pattern in my extensive stash of patterns! So, I decided to do the Chery Williams' Overalls in size 6 months for Andy's first Thanksgiving. I even cut them out. They were HUGE. I know babies grow quickly, but these would have fit a Viking baby.
Next plan: make Andy the Terry Jane Little Lambs Coveralls, which is a one-piece with long legs, short sleeves, and a collar (with the smocked insert). So, I got this cut out and started sewing. Once the front yoke, insert, and front pants were together, it looked like the front of the overalls I originally had in mind!
On to plan 3: my pattern drafting skills are around advanced beginner, I'd say, but I was able to make the changes needed: enlarge the armhole and neck openings, make the back yoke one piece, add button extensions, and cut linings.
Andy took enough naps for me to nearly finish; with no sleeves, collars, or plackets, overalls are an easy, fast project. I'm pleased with the machine smocking, too. Definitely a quick alternative to traditional smocking. Sometimes for me it's a question of: do it quick or don't do it!
It seems like I often spend more time planning and revising my projects than actually sewing. Does that happen to you?

The other thing I managed to sew is a "tea shirt" for a friend. I had been gathering some items to mail her a "tea party in a box"; homemade banana bread and strawberry jam and teapot cookie cutters. I had seen this pretty design while browsing at EmbLibrary. I immediately thought of my friend, who is a real kindred spirit. We both love tea parties, sewing, babies, and the Waltons! However, while I am an average cook, she is a spectacular one. Her baked creations are amazing, so I know she'll do something fabulous with the cookie cutters.
Tomorrow, I will start the OFB Daygown Sew Along. Are you planning to do it, too?

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Rita E said...

Wow, I'm impressed! The litte overalls are so very cute! I love to sew and learned to sew clothes when I was young, but totally bombed at it. That's why I quilt! I know you'll friend will love her cute tea-shirt, too!

Elisabeth Rose said...

Thanks for your nice comment, Rita. I like to quilt, too. I especially like quilting with my Guild, because it's more fun than sewing alone!

p.s.phyllis sews said...

Love that tea-shirt and how sweet to send the party in the mail!
The smocking is also very lovely and will be a fabulous gift! Thanks for sharing.

Lappedamen said...

The overalls are so pretty. You did a wonderful job.

Larri @ Seams Inspired said...

All your projects look great! I especially love the tea-shirt. Thanks for sharing. Happy Sewing!