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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thanksgiving in July

I have been wanting to try machine smocking for a while. I really love hand smocking; both the way it looks and stitching it. But with a new baby and 5 kids on summer vacation, my free time is very limited. I decided this week that I want to get ready for the holidays early this year. If I do my sewing now, it will be fun instead of stressful, right? I found this cute "Fall Leaves" machine smocking at Elizabeth's Embroideries. I thought Chery Williams' Overalls would be cute and easy in a soft brown corduroy for Davy and Andy. The insert is mushroom-colored Kona cotton.
I pleated my insert and used tearaway iron-on stabilizer in my 6x10 hoop. I thought I'd tried every stabilizer out there, but this was my first time with the iron-on and it worked really well. I actually hooped the stabilizer, laid the insert on top, then flipped it and ironed from the back.
Then, I popped it onto my embroidery machine and stitched with no problems. Each "smocking" stitch generally covered 2 pleats, so I think I'm on the right track! Like I said, this won't replace hand smocking for me, but for a quick gift or playclothes, I think it has its place.

Next, I traced my pattern. I was going to make the 6 mos. overalls for Andy, but looking at the pattern, they look huge! It is hard to predict how big he will be by November, but I think I may make a one-piece coverall with the smocked insert, instead.

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