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Monday, July 26, 2010

Hi! I'm Elisabeth Rose

...and I'm starting this blog to share creative ideas with friends, old and new. I love reading other people's blogs about sewing, homemaking, and life; maybe I'll be able to inspire you! For my first post, I am going to share a few of my favorite things. Most of all, I love spending time with my family. I have one terrific hubby and 5 adorable children: Petey (14), Katie (12), Rosie (10), Davy (5), and Andy (8 weeks)!
My smocked dress quilted wall hanging

When I have free time, I like sewing and crafting of all kinds: smocking, machine or hand embroidery, quilting, crocheting and knitting. 

I also love to read, have tea parties, sit on my porch, or visit with friends.

My 1879 New Home Treadle
Other things I'm interested in are: antiques, going to the ocean, photography and dolls. I love the Edwardian and 1930's periods in history-and the clothing styles of those times.
My favorite TV show is the Waltons. I am a fan of Harry Potter and Anne of Green Gables; the books and the movies. I also love the Elm Creek Quilt and Outlander series of books.

I hope to share many pictures of my projects with you. Coming up this week: my first machine smocking and I will participate in the Old Fashioned Baby Daygown Sew Along!


Kathy said...


Congratulations on your blog! It looks wonderful--you must give me lessons! I borrowed an idea from MP and had a "pink" tea with my granddaughters (well little Nicolas joined us too). They had a wonderful time helping me make sure everything including our wardrobes were pink!!! If you love teas, you may have fun with this too. We cut pink flowers, pink candles, pink tablecloth, pink cookies etc.,etc.! You're the best, Kathy

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

We have a few things in common. I have 2 treadles and a few handcranks, including a New Home that is just waiting for me to (fianlly) attach the hand crank (now that I have the adapter). My family are BIG Harry Potter fans, and I love the Anne of Green Gables books. I also have almost all of Jennifer C's books. Elm Creek is great.