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Monday, August 23, 2010

Treasure Trove of Inspiration

I've been wanting to try this romper version of "Frannie"
Someday, I hope to have time to donate preemie gowns.
I've started a new routine at night. After I read books with Davy, I pull out a few of my old Creative Needle or Sew Beautiful magazines to browse through. Having started subscriptions to both when I was but a teen, I have a complete set of SB and all but a few early CN. It has been a walk down memory lane in many ways: the old issues mailed to my maiden name at the address I was born, the 1992 issue that I later used to make a Christening gown, the ads for pattern companies now out of business, even the models we watched grow up in SB.
There are so many that obviously I can't remember all the terrific projects they contain. I've been going through each one and marking any patterns, smocking plates, embroidery designs, or just inspirational photos that I want to remember. Later I copy the pictures on my printer and put them in a binder. I mark which issue the idea came from. Now, when I am looking for an idea, I have a whole binder of inspiration ready to go. It has also been fun to see articles by many "online acquaintances" who I know only from their blogs or sewing forums.
I've had so much fun looking for ideas. I'll have to be a very old lady to use all the ideas I have. I always say, "I'd rather be busy than bored"

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