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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Vintage Pattern Love: Tiny Patterns

This pattern is a recent acquisition. I did not realize its size when I bought it. When the tiny envelope arrived in the mail, I wondered what was inside. I was shocked and delighted to find the smallest pattern I have ever seen! You can see in the scan how it compares to a credit card. 
This is an actual pattern with unprinted tissue pieces to make a middy skirt and dress for a 14" doll. Here's the back of the envelope next to a tape measure. I don't think these pictures get across the tiny dimensions like holding it in your hand does! This text is all you get for directions! Do you want to see the pieces?
 These scans have a field equivalent to a piece of paper, so you can see how small the middy pieces are. The skirt has perforated dots for marking the pleats.
 I am guessing that this pattern may have been a sample or give away for little girls or their Moms. It probably dates to around 1908 judging by the style and the envelope. I am excited to have it in my collection. Thanks to your comments last week, I have decided that Thursdays will be Vintage Pattern Love days at MAS.


Karen said...

That is the tiniest pattern! I have a couple of unprinted patterns. All the info is in those various sized punched dots. We rely on such careful transferring of pattern information and marking when we follow patterns today that it is hard to fathom working without all those details spelled out for us. Will you make the little middy dress?

Elisabeth Rose said...

Hi Karen,
I don't think this will be high on my list of "to do's". If I ever do make it, I would probably stitch it by hand. Thanks for visiting!