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Friday, April 26, 2013

Vintage Pattern Love: I Feel Like a Woman!!

 For today's pattern love, see if you can guess what these lovely ladies' dress patterns from the past:

-keep scrolling down-

Have to do with Caillou's Mother?

Well, it's not that she wears dresses. It's not coloring or fabric. It's probably not obvious. It is that they all have real figures. Not all of the vintage patterns had realistic body shapes. They had Barbie forms even back then. But I have noticed that most "New York" brand and some mail order patterns had really good artwork. I am not a size 10 and I can't look at a size 12, 32 bust and imagine how that dress would look on me. I love finding an old pattern in a larger size, modeled on a woman who looks like me! Well, OK, maybe my hair isn't always perfect and I don't wear heels around the house, but...

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