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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

PR&P "Details": My First Shirring!

Project Run & Play's Theme this week is: It's All in the Details. I wanted to do something fun and different this week. I have been wanting to try shirring, so I thought it would be a good choice. I chose the Sew Adorable pattern by Footloose and Fancy Free on etsy. I decided to make the 6-12 months, so that it might fit Ella this summer.

 I went to JoAnn's, thinking of a cute popsicle fabric I had seen last summer. Luckily, they had some! It is a really nice cotton poplin by Lisette. I wanted to make something with it last summer for Andy, but even I couldn't justify this as a boy's fabric!
I had read that the Dritz elastic thread doesn't work well, but it was all I could find (at first). I made a sample and it didn't gather much, but when I hit it with steam, it gathered up beautifully! Then I found Gutermann elastic thread, so I used that for this top. I found that it gathered much more when sewn, but didn't have as much reaction to the steam. I was surprised that I used a whole spool of elastic thread on this little top! I can't believe I was afraid of shirring; it couldn't have been easier!
I decided to shorten the dress to a top and make shorts to go underneath. JoAnn's had some really cute cotton twill prints, including this pink one. I used a bloomer pattern, but added cuffs to the legs instead of elastic. I love the way the outfit turned out, though it looks like it will be big for Ella this summer!


Bratling said...

adorable! Isn't girl sewing fun?

Deborah Devine said...

I love the cute fabric. My Granddaughter want some shorts like this!

Lee said...

It's cute! Yay for you on the shirring!

Marta said...

I have to try this technique on my girls' dresses.

Donna said...

It's been years since I tried shirring and I've been trying to get up the gumption to do it again. Did you wind your elastic thread on your bobbin winder? The outfit is very cute- love the popsicle fabric!

Elisabeth Rose said...

Thanks Everyone- it really was fun to do!
Donna, I wound it by hand with slight tension. I owe you an email- SOON!

Sarah Blakeley said...

Too cute, Lisa!!! I've never attempted shirring, but may have to after seeing this! Love it!

Shaffer Sisters said...

Those prints are really cute together! Great job with the shiring. Way to go Momma!
with love,

Karen said...

Such a perfect summertime outfit! I hope photos are taken with the little one and an ice cream cone!

Simple Simon & Co said...

I've never tried shirring before so it was good to read about your experience and the threads you used. I can't believe it took a whole spool of thread! (But it was worth it---it's adorable!)