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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Vintage Pattern Love: McCall's Girl's Dresses

I'm thinking of making "Vintage Pattern Love" a regular feature here at MAS. What do you think? 
Today I am featuring some recent acquisitions. I got these 3 patterns as part of a lot and I really love all of them!
I love dresses with a shaped yoke and this one does not disappoint! This little charmer is from 1955. Mine is a size 6, though I think I would like it better in the smaller sizes without the belt. It would be cute short with panties underneath, like View A. I also like the pleats and the fact that it closes with just one button. It would probably be easy to make (other than attaching the yoke to the skirt). I have never seen this pattern before, so it is probably fairly rare.
This pattern, on the other hand, is very common. It's a cute little pleated dress from 1956. It also has very ruffly panties and some cute trim suggestions. This is another one I would enjoy making. I think I enjoy the beautiful artwork on these patterns as much as the patterns themselves!
Another size 6 dress, this one is from 1957. Notice the price went up from 35 to 45 cents. What do I need to say about this one? If you have read my blog at all, you know I am a sucker for any sailor outfits! 
These 3 patterns are in excellent condition. I was really excited to find them! There are so many wonderful vintage patterns out there. Butterick had amazing romper patterns in the 20s, Simplicity made some gorgeous women's dresses in the 30s, and the 40s mail order patterns are charming. But if I could only choose one winner, I'd have to say I love McCall(s) patterns from all decades. My oldest McCall is from the 1900s and they go right up to today's. Their artwork is definitely the best and they were one of the first printed patterns. They also had an extensive line of beautiful transfers which are worth looking for!
So, do you think Vintage Pattern Love should become a regular feature?


Bratling said...

Yes! I do so love the shiny pretties!

Donna said...

Absolutely! You find the best vintage patterns and it is so much fun to see the sweet art work on the envelopes.

Janice said...

These patterns are so dear! I can imagine you adapting the shaped yoke on the first pattern for a shirt for Andy. And yes, make this vintage pattern review a regular feature!

Frances Suzanne said...

Yes, DEFINITELY! Wonderful idea, filled with inspiration!

Sarah Blakeley said...

Yes please!! Great idea! Love seeing all the vintage patterns

Susan said...

I love to see your vintage patterns. I have a few and would love to see more on a regular basis.

Elisabeth Rose said...

I'm glad so many of you enjoy seeing these. I will make it a weekly feature from now on. Thanks for your comments!