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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bonnet Pattern Coming Soon!

Ever since I posted the pink smocked bonnet, I've had requests for the pattern. I have been working on it and am getting closer to a finished product. I made another version of the bonnet today, with no smocking. Here it is:
And here's the back:
I am planning to offer this as a FREE pattern as soon as it is ready!

Thanks for all your comments on the Vintage Patterns post. It will be a regular feature starting this week!


Auntie Pam said...

I really, really like the front brim. Can't wait. Have two great nieces due in next couple of months!

Bratling said...

Very pretty! And I have some gorgeous white voile that has this written all over it... Me thinks my new niece, due in June, needs this! Well, if it's small enough. :) I shrank a modern bonnet pattern when her sister, Lizzy, was born, but it was still huge until Liz was almost 2!

Ann said...

Oh, bonnets! It makes me miss when I had a baby girl to dress.

Elisabeth Rose said...

Oh, goody, lots of new babies!! Laura, this pattern is a 6 mos, but I would say it's more like 6-12 and definitely not newborn. Thanks for your comments- I'm excited to post this when it's done!

Susan said...

Love the bonnet! One day I will try to make one (I hope)

Karen said...

Darling! I love the piping touches! How nice of you to share the pattern!