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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

MAS is on Pinterest!

I am exploring new ways to share my blog with others. You may have noticed the awesome new icons on the top right (thanks to my talented friend Ashley). One of the things I am setting up is a Pinterest page. I have also added "Pin It" buttons to my images, so you can share anything you find adorable or amazing! The Mommy's Apron Strings Pinterest Page is here, or just click on the Pink Pinterest Icon!
I have been working on a fun project that I think many of you will enjoy. I have scanned all of the patterns that were included in Sew Beautiful magazine from the very first issue! With each pinned photo, I have included which issue it was in, what the pattern is, and sizes available. This is something I have wanted to do for myself for a long time, but now I can share it with everyone. Check it out- I think you will find many things you would love to make and most back issues can be found on ebay if you don't have them. 
Some other "boards" you will find will show all of my creations in one place, my machine embroideries, inspirations, and even the PDF patterns I have. It is so nice to be able to browse through your patterns so easily!
If you have any comments on my Pinterest page, please let me know. By the way, I haven't finished adding the SB patterns yet- it takes some time to post each one (never mind how long it took to scan them!)
By the way, I have been sewing, but it's for a review, so I can't post it- yet.

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