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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Why I Buy Vintage Patterns, part 5

Well, today will wrap up this little series of posts. This has been a fun subject.

Reason #8: The Pattern has been Re-Published

I was very surprised the first time I found a vintage pattern that I recognized as a published heirloom or smocking pattern. We don't have to ask which came first in this case! Today's pattern designers take inspiration from the patterns of yesterday- and why not? There are some awesome patterns out there waiting to be shared!
First up, this absolutely adorable romper pattern. A very similar design was published in Sew Beautiful as Suzanne & John's Bubble.

I have always wanted to make this pattern. I love the wrap front and it is a perfect canvas for embroidery.
Notice how the boy's opens on the left and the girl's on the right in both the vintage and modern versions?

 Here's a cute little sacque with sashiko quilted flowers. The original is a pretty rare pattern. 

 This is the picture of Petite Poche's Katie pattern. Even the bonnets are similar. What a cute set to keep baby cozy in the winter!

 This is a cute circular sundress pattern. It is "quick & easy" and can't you just picture a little one toddling around showing off their panties under that puffy skirt?


If you can't find the vintage pattern, don't worry. Kari Me Away has made it easy to make this cute dress with her "Sheri's Cherries" pattern. I have this pattern and it's another one that's waiting for a little girl to stitch it for! 

 Here's a really old McCall pattern. It is for a wrap around romper with pleats. The front and shorts are all cut in one piece, which goes between the legs and buttons on the sides and at the back waist. This is probably from around 1920. If you can't find this rare pattern, just check this out:

 Petite Poche's modern version of the "Wrap Around Romper". It is very whimsical in a polka dot print with solid collar and trim. This is meant for a boy and while some people wouldn't put this style on today's little man, I love rompers on boys and this is definitely one of my favorite ones! I think you'd be much happier with Wendy Schoen's precise directions than the original's few paragraphs of text!

Reason #9: Sentimental Attachment

This is a fun reason to hunt down an old pattern. Because your Mom, Grandma, Friend, Aunt or Teacher made it way back when. I have recently discovered a few patterns that have a history for me.
 This pattern has a fun story. Recently my friend Karen wanted to make an angel stocking (for her new baby)
exactly like the one her Mom made her when she was a baby. We talked about our stockings and found that our parents both had boots. Was I ever shocked when I found this pattern on etsy!? The ladies and mens boots are exactly the ones my parents had- even the colors are identical! To my greater surprise, the card holder is the one my Mom STILL uses for her Christmas cards every year! 
 Here is the pattern I learned to smock from. I made it for myself when I was 10- probably too old to wear it, but I loved old-fashioned things even then. I picked up the dots and did the smocking with only the pattern directions for guidance. I still have that pinafore somewhere!


Reason #10: It's a Transfer I'd Like to Digitize

There are many gorgeous transfers from the 1930s-1960s. They have inspired many digitizers to re-create the look of hand embroidery without all the work. Now that I know how to digitize, I love to look at old transfers for inspiration. Here are a few examples:
 The Vogart transfers are my favorites. The company started selling transfers to stamp on your own fabric in 1942. Before that, they sold designs already stamped on fabric.

 The Good Night and Kitty/Puppy designs are 2 of my favorite sets. I own both of these and just need to find the time to digitize and stitch them.

 This one is not a Vogart, but aren't these baby faces adorable? Perfect in one color to use on a quilt for baby!


So, I have shared with you MY TOP 10 LIST of reasons I love vintage patterns and choose the ones I do. What do you love about vintage patterns??


Bratling said...

That Butterick sundress pattern with "Sherri's Cherries" counterpart? Butterick released an updated version (though the envelope version was longer, by far, than the finished product) a few years back. It's gone out of print again, but Butterick 4778 is most likely easier to find than its vintage counterpart. (Yes, I made that. When Gracie was a baby for one of her first beach vacations!)

I sew vintage for all of those reasons plus variety. It doesn't take much to update vintage. Why should I limit myself to just what's in print at this moment when I've got over a hundred years of patterns to inspire me?

Janice said...

I have really enjoyed your posts on vintage patterns. I don't have many, so it's a sweet pleasure to enjoy yours. Thanks for sharing these, Lisa.

suziwong said...

Discovered you blog last night; fallen in love already - you had me at 'vintage patterns' LOL

I collect layette patterns (pre 1970) and early childhood patterns so reading your vintage pattern topic posts has been lovely.

Sandra M Miles said...

Up early and on a day of work came onto your blog as I think your work is absolutely brilliant. Enjoyed your blog on why you collect vintage patterns, enjoyed it immensely.

Elisabeth Rose said...

Thanks Sandra for the nice comment! I'm glad you are enjoying my blog and some old posts!