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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Christening Gown Embroidery

I completed the machine embroidery for the Christening Gown today! I am very happy with all 25,000 stitches! I am using Satin Batiste from Fine Stitchery. The embroidery is a combination of elements from Linny's Heirloom by Artistic Designs.
Here's the whole design. It is hard to get white on white to show up well.
I stabilized with 2 layers of Wash n Gone under the batiste and a layer of Water Soluble Solvy on top. You can still see the plastic wrap-looking stabilizer in some areas, since I haven't washed this yet. I ironed and starched the fabric, too. All of those things worked so that the design neither shifted nor puckered. I used Madeira Cotona 80 wt cotton thread for the top and bobbin threads. I stitched with a size 70 needle and had no problems with thread breaking or shredding.
The next thing I will do is the smocking. I hope my measurements are accurate! If not, I can add or subtract a little from the fancy band and ruffle. This has been fun so far!

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