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Monday, October 22, 2012

Why I Buy Vintage Patterns, part 1

As I was looking through my vintage pattern images, I realized that this post was going to be very long. So I decided to make it a little series of posts. By the way, I do not own all of the featured patterns. 

Reason #1: I Want to Make It!
This is the most obvious reason to buy a pattern. I have more on my to-do list than I have time to do it, but I still keep buying patterns that I want to make!
I love this sunsuit and jumper. If I can find it in a bigger size, I'd like to make one for Andy.

My Andy would look sweet in this adorable double-breasted coat, cap, and leggings.

Yes, I even have sewing for myself on my to-do list. I have made myself one 1940s housedress, but I'd like to do more.

Reason #2: Tie-in to a Movie or Character

These patterns tend to sell for more money. The more popular the character or the more rare the pattern, the more $$ you will have to spend to get it.

 The Campbell's  Soup Kids are popular on transfers and some patterns. Aren't these aprons cute?
This old Walt Disney Peter Pan pattern sold for about $55. It's very simple, but the artwork is cool. It would appeal to a Disney collector as well as a pattern enthusiast.
 This pattern is inspired by The Sound of Music. I remember watching it every year at Easter time with my sister. I also have an adorable sailor dress from this movie.
 This pattern could also go in my "I Want to Make it" category. Andy is so cute in pointed front pants. It fits this category because it was inspired the the motion picture "Hansel & Gretel".
Ding Dong School with Miss Frances was one of the first TV programs just for kids. It started in 1954 and was long before my time, but I love the children's patterns it inspired! I even watched some old episodes online when I first saw these patterns.

I'll be back tomorrow with more cool patterns and more reasons that I have to collect them!

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Bratling said...

I sew vintage, too, and I'm sure that some of my reasons dovetail with yours!