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Friday, October 5, 2012

I'm Going to Make a Christening Gown!

I've mentioned my best friend Karen before. She's having a baby girl around December 4. I already posted the pink smocked dress and some other things I've made for her. 
I'm very honored that she asked me to be the baby's Godmother! AND I will be making the Christening Gown! I am really excited to do this. It has been really fun to be excited about the birth of a baby other than my own. I have all the fun without the sickness! Soon I will post pictures from the shower, which was great.
I've been planning the gown since she asked me to be Godmother. The baby will only be 3 weeks old when she is baptised at the end of December, so I don't want something too big or frilly for such a little one. Here's what I've come up with so far:
 It will be smocked from shoulder to waist. I like the simple diamonds with detail row at the waist. I may even add some beading at the waist. The neck will have a bias binding with gathered lace, no collar.
I'd like small, puff sleeves similar to these from the Ellen Brigg's Party Dress pattern.
The bottom detail is where I'm really stuck, but I think a simple fancy band with a ruffle is probably what I'll do. I will also do some machine embroidery above the fancy band at the center front.
I also looked at some vintage patterns for inspiration. I decided on a 28" length, since the baby will be so little at baptism.
I placed an order with Fine Stitchery for my supplies. It is so hard to choose fabric without seeing it in person. I know I want something a little heavier than Swiss Batiste, but still 100% cotton and of heirloom quality. I ordered some Japanese lawn, satin batiste, and sheen sateen. When they arrive, I'll have to decide on one.
I'm hoping to have this done by the end of October, before the rush of the holidays begins. I'll be back soon to share my projects from the baby shower- and I'm starting on Andy's "Captain Feathersword" costume this weekend!!


Bratling said...

Awesome! When my now two-year-old niece, Lizzy, was on the way, I was to make her dress... but plans changed. At the time, my sister lived in Virginia, but they ended up coming back down here to do it, and used the antique gown that was made from the underskirt of my great-grandmother's wedding dress in 1912. So I bought the materials, and did the research, but the baby used the heirloom one two months ahead of schedule! (We've got two more babies coming next year, so I figure I can use the materials for one of them! We're hoping my nieces get a brother.)

Jan said...

I've used the Satin Batiste from Fine Stitchery and it's a beautiful fabric to smock on. I'm going to do some pattern testing for Ellie Inspired and I'm going to use Sheen Sateen. I haven't used that one yet, but it looks yummy to me. The gown you make will be beautiful whatever fabric you choose.

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

Christening Gowns are so exciting! I hope you share your progress with us, I'm really looking forward to reading about it. Swiss Batiste is really lightweight, so your choices should all work out. The one I'm making (and have put away for now) is Bearissima II, a bit heavier than Nelona and Bearissima I, but still pretty lightweight.