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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Quick & Cozy Jammies

I found this adorable snowman flannel at Joann's the other day. It just wanted to be brought home and made into PJs for Andy. I had an easy McCall's raglan sleeve pajama pattern in sizes 1-2-3. According to the measurements on the pattern, Andy (who is 2 years 5 mos) is smaller than a size 1. Are they drafting patterns for children of Hagrid and Shrek or what?? It made me remember why I don't usually use the commercial patterns. BUT I made the size 1 and they did turn out very cute. I don't like the huge neck opening, but the rest of them are a good fit. I like the soft ribbing cuffs on the sleeves and pants. Andy put them on and has been wearing them all day. I guess he likes them!
This project was a quick & easy break from the Christening Gown and Medieval Bracers I'm working on. I've really got a variety going lately!


Jan said...

Maybe if you make them again, make the ribbing a little smaller around the neck. That should take up the slack. I often wonder if the commercial pattern companies actually have everyday sewists test anything. I don't think they do. What at Ellie Inspired in the next month or so. She has real gals testing for her.

Elisabeth Rose said...

I know...I swear they don't test these patterns on real people. Andy still fits the 6 mo. snuggie I made last year.
I have pattern tested for Ellie Inspired, but most of her patterns are for girls and most of my sewing is for boys. I may do it in the future, if I'm less busy.