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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Birthday Pillowcases

October is a month with a lot of birthdays for us. My son Davy turned 8 and my Mom turned 20-something (again). My kids also have several friends with birthdays this month. For one Davy's friends, I embroidered this pillowcase to wrap around her gift instead of wrapping paper. 
The flowers are from Oma's Place and I don't remember which alphabet I used. I thought it looked nice and girly. I'm always happy with Oma's Designs.
This set of 2 diamond-monogrammed pillowcases was for my Mom's birthday. She bought me my embroidery machine a few years ago, so I always try to make her something for holidays. She kept asking me for a diamond monogram, but I couldn't find one I liked at a low price. This one is from Jolson's and it stitched well, though I had some trouble aligning the diamond when I did : PLL, as was my initial plan. I need to email them my question.

I did some work on the smocking of the Christening Gown this week and I'm hoping to finish the smocking and block out the yoke tomorrow. Once I do, I'll be back with pictures. Have a great weekend!


SuperMomNoCape said...

What a great way to personalize a birthday gift. I'm sure your son's friend loved the pillowcase you used to wrap her gift.

I'm sure your mom loved hers too.

Kate said...

That's such a lovely gift.