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Friday, November 23, 2012

Vintage Magazine Score!

 I went to an Estate Sale last weekend. It was the home of a 92 year old lady. She sewed and crafted and there were many crafts items. Most of them were tacky 70s things, but I found a few treasures. I found over 50 knitting, crocheting, sewing, and crafting magazines or booklets from the 30s to the 60s. There are some real treasures in them. I paid $4 for the lot. I took pictures of a few of the interesting items, but I'd like to share more later once I really sort through them.

 Here's a Crochet Annual from 1949. It has some pretty edging pattern in it.
 I don't think I'll ever have the time (or patience) to crochet a tablecloth, but they are fun to look at!
 Here's a little gem with great directions on all the needlework techniques on the cover. Tatting is something I've always wanted to learn...
 2 more fun crochet leaflets
 This booklet shows how to do embroidery using machine stitches. I think our home embroidery machines would have blown them away in the 50s!
 This one is a fun blast from the past! I love the traditional family picture.

 `Here are 2 60s booklets of Christmas ideas.
 This Make-over Guide was published during World War 2. I love it!
 This is my favorite page, "Brother and Sister Suits made from 2 Worn Shirts" I'd love to try this just for the heck of it.
 Here's a precious ad for Red Heart yarn- still available today!
 Stylish Mother-Daughter aprons were all the rage in the 50s.
 This McCall's magazine featured some of their patterns. Isn't that pram suit cute?
 I love the old Knit o Graf Patterns. Here's a nice color ad showing their selections.
 Bucilla Craft kits are still popular today. Here are their offerings from days gone by.
In the Spirit of the Season, we have this fun ad for "Sno*Flok" Just attach the handy dandy nozzle to your vacuum and spray your tree. It is fire retardant-I wonder if this contained asbestos??

These may have been a dime a dozen, but they are a treasure to me!

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Janice said...

LUCKY LUCKY YOU!!!! I love these. Thanks for sharing.