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Monday, November 5, 2012

Christening Gown Progress

This week I finished the smocking on the Christening gown. Here is the yoke before I cut it.
Here it is after cutting it to size (oh, I hate cutting through all those hours of handwork!) I intend to run a silk ribbon between the 2 cable rows.
I also stitched together the fancy band, which will go at the bottom of the skirt. A ruffle will be under that.
I chose a Swiss embroidery and French lace that coordinated well. They both have a zigzag floral pattern. I was very, very pleased with the fancy band, until...
I put it next to the embroidery on the skirt of the gown. You really can't tell from this photo, but the thread on the embroidery is a "winter white" - just a speck off white. The thread on the Swiss is a very bright white and they look terrible together. I will be re-doing a new fancy band with French laces only. Oh, well, this fancy band will be beautiful for a little girl's dress another time.
As with so many projects, it is 2 steps forward, one step back...


Janice said...

This is so beautiful, Lisa! The embroidery is just spectacular and I'm sorry for you to have to remake the fancyband. But you always make it PERFECT. I understand that drive. Can't wait to see the finished gown.

Elisabeth Rose said...

Thank you, Janice! That is high praise from someone with your talent! We are both waiting for a sweet baby girl to arrive- how is your daughter?

Janice said...

Thanks for asking, Lisa. She is big as a house, happy as a clam and feeling like a punching bag, due to the kicks of a very active baby girl. I hope all is well with the little one you await!