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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Easist Christmas Dress Ever!

 I found this cute onesie at Walmart. I love the sentiment for my friend who is going to have a baby girl any day now!

It was a 20 minute project to add the skirt to the onesie. I just used 1 layer of taffeta and 3 layers of tulle. They were all 42x8 inches. I cut the onesie apart at the waist, then gathered the skirt pieces and stitched them to the onesie with a stretch stitch. The pantie part went right back on.

I think having the snaps there will keep the dress neat. I hope she likes it!


OnceUpona Sew said...

This is a great gift idea. Especilally at this time of year with so many cute onsies out there. Thanks for sharing.
Donna @onceuponasewingmachine.com

Shane Chaneu said...

This is adorable Lisa! I saved the directions ~ what a cute idea for a little ballerina one year old too! Thanks for sharing!