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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Digitized Christmas Ornament

Hi! I have been working on the Christening gown and have it almost done! Everyday I hoped I would be finished so I could post pictures and now a week has gone by with no posts. So, I am just going to share something else I've been working on until I can show you the finished dress (and it is gorgeous!)

I saw this pattern for felt ornaments on ebay. The designs are so simple and are meant for hand embroidery.
I thought it would be easy to do something similar with machine embroidery. This is my version that I digitized. I don't have a stitchout yet, but I hope to try it out after I finish THE DRESS.
The design will be stitched on ecru felt, then placed onto tan felt for the tan buttonhole heart stitching. I thought it would make a quick ornament to tie onto homemade cookie trays or presents. I can probably make 2 or 3 in a 6x10 hooping. I hope to be back tomorrow or Friday with pictures of the dress!

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