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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Little Pooh

You may remember my post about the Winnie the Pooh vintage pattern a few weeks ago. Well, I finally had a chance to make it. I scaled the pattern down by 50% to make a Mini Winnie. 
The pieces were tiny! 19 pieces make up this little bear, which is only 7" tall. It was a challenge to stitch everything together with 1/8" seam allowances. I could hardly reach in to pin things together. The fabric is called "furry felt." The 1/4 yard I used for this was only $1 at JoAnn's and I think the color and the pile are just right. A bit of furriness, but not too fluffy.
I made a little bib instead of a red shirt, because this Mini Winnie is destined for my friend's new baby girl. Did you notice the Classic Pooh sheet Winnie is sitting on? The girls and I are dressing up a bassinet that we bought at a yard sale and I made the sheet from flannel. The girls are stitching things for it, too, and I will share it when we are done.

Making the face gave me some trouble. I originally embroidered it by hand with black floss. It was hard to cover the pile and my stitches did not look as neat as I wanted, so I ripped them out. I finally just glued on a felt face as called for in the pattern.
One funny note about the vintage pattern I used. When I checked if all the pieces were included, everything was uncut for Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger, Kanga, and Roo. Then there were some pieces neatly cut from brown paper and labeled "Bunny". Clearly the former owner wasn't into Winnie the Pooh, for she mistook little pink Piglet for a bunny!

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