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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Embroidered Yellow Button on Suit, Vintage 1940s

When I found this little suit, I knew I had to buy it for Andy. I like the style, the fabric, the soft color, but the embroidered suspenders are what put me over! It also happened to be a size 3! 
Here's Andy enjoying the swing. It's interesting to me that when he is dressed in antique or fancy clothing, he still plays just the same. He was throwing a ball, picking tomatoes, and swinging just like a regular day. I've always wondered how children used to play in such fancy clothes, but I guess the Mommies just had more work keeping them clean!
 The details on this suit are lovely. There is a hidden button placket under the 4 tiny decorative buttons on the shirt.
 The brand is "A-LAD-N-TOGS" which I have come across before.
Don't you love the Swiss embroidered edging? It is a pretty square pattern, very nice for boys.

Here's the detail of the hand embroidery on the suspenders. Very simple, but very attractive, too!

I just need to take photos of the girly, ruffled sun suit I've been working on, so I'll be back to share that soon!

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