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Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Raggedy Ann Tradition

 When I was a baby, my Mom made me a Raggedy Ann doll. I loved it and played with it so much!
Here she is today. She lost her pinafore and pantaloons, but she has her original dress. 
When my girls were born, my Mom continued the tradition by making my girls Raggedy Ann dolls, too.
 They are in better shape! My Mom hand-embroidered the faces and "I Love You" hearts on all of the dolls.
The original heart.
One of the newer hearts.
 Recently, I found an original 1940s Raggedy Ann & Andy Doll pattern. I had to get it, even though my Mom started the tradition in the 1970s. It should be much easier to find the 1970s pattern, which would be nice to add to my "collection." Here's the original transfer for the face and heart. I love family traditions!!


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Bratling said...

Gorgeous! I've been making dolls for years, but I have yet to try a Raggedy Ann or Andy. Perhaps that should be the kids' Christmas presents this year!