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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July! We had a great time today- a relaxing day visiting my parents at the beach. Andy quickly figured out about catching candy at the parade and he loved it! He also looked adorable in his red and blue crab jon jon. I literally finished smocking this just before the parade. It was a ready to smock from MP and it's a good thing I had it, because the sunsuit I intended to make never even got cut out! This is a size 18 mos, but fits just-turned-2 Andy perfectly. I like the way it's made, too. I chose the crabs because they looked festive for July 4, but will work all summer without screaming "4th of July" like a flag would! I hope you're all having a wonderful day enjoying the freedom of this great country!


Knitty said...

That outfit is adorable! I've just recently found your blog. I haven't smocked in years but still have quite a few plates. Who (or what) is MP? I might be tempted to smock again if I didn't need to assemble a garment. It isn't that I can't sew, but as you mentioned with the sunsuit that never got cut out, our time is often shorter than a child's growth spurt.

Elisabeth Rose said...

Hi Knitty,
MP is the Martha Pullen Co, which sells all sorts of supplies for smocking, heirloom sewing, and publishes Sew Beautiful. Here's a link to the ready to smock items:
Oh no. I can't find them anymore! I'll do some looking and post the info.

Knitty said...

Ahhh, Martha Pullen. I was lucky and went to her sewing schools in Huntsville on three occasions years ago. I didn't know her name was associated with anything ready to smock. I'll check back for info. Thanks!

Janice said...

This is adorable, like everything you make. I love the versatility of this outfit--good for the 4th and all summer long. His pretty baby skin looks like it has been kissed by the sun.