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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Winnie the Pooh

At the same time I found the Raggedy Ann pattern in my last post, I bought this Vintage Winnie the Pooh and Friends pattern. The reason I was interested in this one also has to do with a childhood memory. My best friend Karen had a stuffed Winnie the Pooh toy her Mom made (probably from this pattern) and it was one of her favorite toys. She will be having her first baby in December and I'd like to make one for the baby. Do you remember the "good luck onesie" I made for her? Well, it worked! She is having a little girl and I thought it would be fun to shrink the pattern by 50% and make a mini-Pooh. I could also embroider the baby's name on Pooh's shirt- do you think it would be cute to make a pink shirt? Then again, I think Pooh is a boy, so maybe I'll stick with red. I also tried digitizing a Pooh for a blanket. It turned out great, but it needs heavy stabilizing for the outlines to line up.


Bratling said...

You've discovered the holy grail of toy patterns. It's so stinking rare that people have it priced at over $60 once they do find it!

Elisabeth Rose said...

Hi Laura,
Yes, I was surprised to get this one and the Raggedy Ann for about $8 total. I saw the $65 one on etsy. I would never have paid that! I'm glad I found it- now to see if I actually find time to make it!