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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Infant of Prague Memories

While browsing vintage patterns on ebay recently, this little gem was up for auction:

It is a pattern to make vestments for Infant of Prague statues. The cover looks just like one my paternal grandparents had. It reminded me of visits to their house when I was little. They lived in NYC and were very Catholic. They had a cabinet in a dark corner of the hallway with the statue on it. When I was very little, I called it the "Jesus Doll" and I wasn't sure why adults had a doll. It seemed a little spooky to me then. 
Sometimes, we would go to the North End of Boston to eat out and I would see shop windows with these statues. I never realized (until I saw this pattern) that the clothes were removable. I thought about buying this pattern because one of the reasons I chose a pattern is if it has memories attached to it. This one is also pretty rare, I would guess. I did not buy it, though, because it sold for about $34. I wonder what memories it evokes for the person who did buy it?
I have several projects "in the works" and I keep thinking I will have one done to post, but the days just fly by! I also have an adorable vintage button-on suit to share: I just need to photograph it on Andy. I hope you are all enjoying your summer as much as I am!

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