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Friday, August 3, 2012

Sweet Baby Jane Sun Suit

When I saw the pattern for this sun suit on Etsy, I knew I had to make one. I had no recipient in mind, but it was just so cute, I could not resist! The pattern is Sweet Baby Jane by Sara Norris, at Rufflebunnies. It is a PDF download. I started it before the kids got out of school and I had it nearly done in a couple of hours. It was just waiting for leg elastic and shoulder straps, which took until yesterday for me to get back to. This blog is terrific for encouraging me to complete projects, so that I have something to post!
The two things that attracted me the most to this pattern were the big bow on the front and the ruffles on the bum. I did a shell edge on the ruffles, but next time I think I would just fold the fabric to make it much quicker.
I found the directions very easy to follow and the suit went together quickly. I just need to shorten the shoulder straps- I found them to be quite generous. I highly recommend this cute pattern!
Finally, a little something for the "boy." I did not make this: I found it at the Janie and Jack store. It was too cute to pass up! I think it will be cute for pictures at the beach, if I can convince Andy!


Sara said...

OMG!!! that is absolutely adorable. You did a fantastic! I just love the finish you did on the ruffles. such a lovely touch!!! thank you so much for sharing with me, I love your blog as well!

Elisabeth Rose said...

Thank you, Sara! I am thrilled to have you leave a comment and I really love your pattern! I am sure to make this again when I have a little girl who needs to look adorable!

Gatorpilot said...

OH----MY---GOSH!!!! This is tooo precious! I have to make one for GrandBaby Girl. She can't wear it for a year, but I HAVE TO MAKE IT! Thanks for sharing, Lisa. You offer so much inspiration. And I love, love, love the little sailor suit. Andy will be adorable. psst...offer candy.

Elisabeth Rose said...

Gatorpilot, thank you for such a nice comment! The floral is from Joann's. The pattern starts in a smaller size, so check it out. Thanks for reading my blog!