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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bassinet Make Over

I have mentioned recently my friend who is having her first baby in December. Well, Katie and Rosie and I have had a ball finding treasures at yard sales and thrift shops. My friend is on a budget, so she appreciates good bargains. We were very excited to find a beautiful portable Eddie Bauer bassinet at a yard sale for $10.

We made several items for it. I made a sheet from a Classic Pooh flannel. You probably remember the Mini Winnie the Pooh from a few posts ago.

 Rosie made a "taggy" blanket from Pooh and pink fleece.
 Each girl chose a few outfits to send along. We happened to have a few that were Classic Pooh.

 Katie did a great job turning a thrift shop onesie into a newborn sacque by stitching a gown bottom to the top of the onesie. She was lucky to find one with Pooh on it and the flannel matches the crib.

She also sent along 2 other girly Pooh outfits.

 While Rosie was at dance camp, Katie was on a roll sewing. She also made a double-sided flannel blanket to match and...
 a burp cloth from a pink diaper. It is backed with Pooh flannel and has a ducky machine embroidery with the same saying that's on the onesie gown.

I had a great time sewing with the girls and I know my friend will enjoy our creations!


Jo said...

I love all your Pooh things! Especially the onesie turned sac! Great job!

Elisabeth Rose said...

Thanks, Jo! Katie will be thrilled that someone left a comment about the onesie sacque. Have a great day!!

Janice said...

What wonderful memories you are making with your girls--and that's not to mention the sewing skills you share with them. I love every single thing, from the to-die-for bassinette to the Pooh projects. Great job, Rosie and Katie!

HMCC23 said...

I love all of the Pooh things. I recently found out that my sister is expecting :~D Classic Pooh is a family favorite, so I have been searching for Classic Pooh fleece, with no success. Would you be able to point me in the right direction?

Elisabeth Rose said...

The only thing we purchased was the flannel (at Joann's). The other stuff we found at yard sales, etc. You might search for fabric at fabric.com= they have a great selection. Good luck and congrats on the new baby!