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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Anne of Green Gables Sailor Dress

This week Create Kids Couture hosted a sew-along/challenge with the theme "character inspired." The idea was to make something with any combination of their patterns that was inspired by your favorite character. Many people made amazing Disney-type outfits from Incredibles, Toy Story, or Princesses, but I thought of Anne of Green Gables.

My sister and I used to watch the PBS movies all the time! I still watch them often! So I pulled them out and googled Anne dresses and decided to go with her Sailor Dress. Here are the ones I was inspired by: 

Anne Of Green Gables Costume | Anne of Green Gables | Welcome to AnneofGreenGables.com

I was mostly going for the left blue striped, but I did the white collar and a full skirt like the right one.

Katie and I had fun setting up our props and taking the photos. Our model is my friend's little girl Evelyn, barely 6 years old and cute as can be. We set up a tea party in the backyard with an American Girl Doll in a light blue Edwardian dress. The china tea set is Katie's and I had the antique linens.

We also took some photos with "Henny Penny" one of our 8 week old chicks (the calmest). Don't you love this special effect of a sketch over a photo?

We also used some of our vaious size and color eggs as a prop. I love this side view and we also got a great back view of this one:
The pattern is CKC Sybil with added piping details, much fuller skirt (2- 60" widths) and sashes. The size 6 fit like a glove and was the perfect length. The fabric is a sheer cotton shirting and the collar is a sheer white cotton with a woven line pattern. I think the navy piping adds great detail. The sleeves are the 3/4 length that came with the pattern, but I added a little fullness (not Anne's famous puffed sleeves, but similar to the ones in the inspiration photo). I bought the straw hat and added the ribbon.

We also took some photos with the doll riding in an antique wicker rickshaw I recently found at an estate sale. Apparently these came in sizes for babies and dolls and were popular around the turn of the century. Anne of Green Gables takes place in 1908, so it fits our theme perfectly.

Our little model is a cover girl!

I had way too much fun with the photos- there were literally dozens of great ones. Here she is on a stamp!
This was such a fun project: I only wish I had a month to do a whole set...Diana, Gilbert, Minnie May, even Marilla... ohhhh lots of ideas!!

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