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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Vintage Pattern Love: Snowsuits

We had a wonderful Christmas, but I am always relieved when the rush is over! We were super-busy until Friday, then just spent the past couple of days relaxing. Today I thought it would be fun to share some vintage snowsuit patterns!
Do you remember bundling up till it felt like you couldn't bend? I do!

Here's a real beauty from the early 1930s. These suits probably were made from heavy wool. Look at the pretty cross-over detail on the yoke.

Here's another oldie from the 1930s. I can't quite tell on this one, but some even had a drop-seat in back. I can't imagine it would really make things easier, with all of the layers.

It seems like most of the oldies are one piece suits. They often come with cute helmets or hats.

There were some two piece sets, even then. These seem to be the earliest "jacket" patterns, as opposed to the wool coats that were common in the 1920s. Notice that this one has an optional hood which zippers up the middle.

This little 2 piece set is from the early 1940s. I wonder if zippers were harder to get during the war, due to the metal shortages?

The little tots had buntings or carriage suits. No worries about car seat straps back then!

I love the pants on this set. The high waist is cute.

I couldn't resist throwing in this cute hood pattern. I don't have this one, but it would still be a practical choice today.

Does January make you want to sew warm, cozy suits or are you revving up for spring already??

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