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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Egg-cellent Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends! I hoped to post sooner, but I was at my parents' house and my laptop didn't like their internet connection. We had a great time with lots of delicious food in my parents' just renovated kitchen.
We had to leave our chickens at home, so I set them up with lots of food and water and locked them in to protect them. When we got home, look what was waiting:
a speckled egg! We are pretty sure Blackie is the Mama, because she is "nesting" in the wooden box this morning. Also, she is larger than Shelly. I was really surprised to find an egg, since they were due to start laying at 26 weeks and are only 23 weeks old. It must be all the TLC we give them.
The egg is a perfect 2" long, making it a medium size. I understand that the first eggs are often misshapen or mini, but this one is really nice. It has some white spots that are a bit different than the normal shell, but that's all.
Maybe we'll be having a fresh omelet for Christmas breakfast this year!!
Back soon with my dishtowel disaster and the finished snowmen overalls!

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