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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Friends with Pillowcases

Katie made these terrific pillowcases for her 3 BFFs for Christmas. They are having a girls' weekend at my parents' beach house this weekend and these pillowcases are part of her handmade gifts. I am so proud that my girls love crafting just like I do!
No, her friend's parents didn't give their daughter the unusual name "Fabulous" but that friend likes to enter a room and state: "Fabulous is here!"

Katie and I had fun shopping for flannels at JoAnn's big Black Friday sale. They were around $1.50/yd. I bought more than enough to last till next year's sale and Katie just chose these pretty combos in her friends' favorite colors.

I helped her do the names in Embird, curly font.

Michaela's (aka Fabulous)

I am working on our Civil War outfits for the Dicken's Ball a week from today! AAHHHH!
Back soon between card-writing, wrapping, crafting, baking, cleaning, and having fun!! Hope you are having fun getting ready too!

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Janice said...

What a great job Katie did, both sewing and coordinating her fabrics. It's just sew wonderful for your girls to recognize the benefits and fun of sewing at such a tender age. And they are so accomplished! Keep up the good work, Katie!