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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sleigh Ride Kitchen Towel

This kitchen towel was a kitchen-warming gift for my Mom. My parents just renovated the kitchen at their weekend house and the grand unveiling was on Thanksgiving. The kitchen is beautiful and was up to my Mom's feast!
The towel design is a toile from Embroidery Library. I think toile designs are some of the best, because they are one color with no jumps!! The design is achieved with shading and clever stitches. I stitched this 22000 stitch design three times! After a charmed morning working on the snowman overalls (yet to be posted), I was feeling cocky! The first towel stitched perfectly, but it was UPSIDE DOWN- I didn't realize my mistake until the 18000th stitch! Oh, no- second time will surely go better. Checked placement several times, stitched perfectly until about the 18000th stitch, when something caught and disrupted the alignment. If you do ME, you know that that is an unrecoverable error! Third time's a charm!
Tomorrow, I hope to work on one of the Dicken's Ball Gowns. We will also decorate the huge tree we got today. Back soon!

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Joy Candrian said...

Would love to see you do a tutorial on this technique...would love to learn.