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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Happy Birthday, Baby!!

My little God-daughter Ella is one today! She and her Mommy came to visit this weekend and we had a party. I did a photo shoot, too, and got some fun pictures. As usual, what I wanted to do was more than we had time for, but here's some of what we got:
I had a lot of fun in PhotoShop! I took out the background of this one and made it pink.

 Here's a sweet face! We found a onesie with a cupcake to go with our theme. I had a pink tutu as well. 
I love this shot with the birthday hat! On Thanksgiving, Ella's Mommy tripped and fell and Ella got a cut (4 stitches- ugh!) and scrape on her forehead. I figured out how to "remove" it in PhotoShop. See it in the original? Of course, she is still adorable, boo boo and all!
Rosie made the "1" Cupcake! It was yummy as well as beautiful!
Next we took some Ballerina photos with Rosie in Pointe Shoes. Don't they look lovely together?

Ella wasn't entirely onboard with these photos, so we got a cute back shot even though she was crying.

I love the little tiara, but it was hard to keep it on her fine hair.

Finally, we got some Christmas pictures. This is her pretty Christmas dress. She was actually sitting on her Mommy (lying down) in this picture and we were singing silly songs to get her to smile.

I love this picture. The Jingle Bell Princess! I had the red tutu and I found the over-the-top headband and legwarmers at Claire's. My friend did not like this pose, but I think it's CUTE!
Here's a sweet little face shot that I used the focal B&W on. Do you like it? Here's the original color version:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY ELLA!! My little Andy calls her "Baby Ella" but he said now that she is one, we should call her "Big Ella!"

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