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Monday, February 4, 2013

PR&P week 5: Little Man Nightshirt

I was sad to miss out on PR&P last week. I had great plans, but Norovirus had other ideas. Instead of posting a cute Valentine outfit on Thursday, I was getting IVs. I am feeling much better, but it is still going through our house. Luckily, I had already finished this week's challenge!
As soon as I saw the themes, I knew I wanted to make a Nightshirt for this week's challenge. I have made nightshirts for Andy before (from knits) and they are very practical garments for boys. It is easy for him to go potty and the knit ones are like big t-shirts for summer- very comfortable!
I started with a large flannel shirt. 

I cut it apart at the seams to get flat pieces of fabric. This is a size 3, which is about as large as I could have gone, lengthwise. I kept the front button placket, so that made the finish work super-quick!
I made an inverted pleat on the back and a-line sides to add some roominess. The sleeves are long with plain cuffs.
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Janice said...

Poor Lisa! I'm so sorry for you and the whole family. The little night shirt is wonderful for a little guy. I had to laugh that with all the misery that virus brings you could still celebrate the fact that you finished the nightshirt in time for the challenge! What a competitor! I hope this virus is behind all of you very soon.

Tin Marsh said...

That is really sweet, I love the recreation as a nightshirt! Adorable!

Suzanne Winter said...

I hope you are all on the mend - it hit our house on Sunday, and we just can't shake it ;o( This is a great idea for boys, no reason they need pants at night - esp in the potty training days that still lay ahead of me.

Elisabeth Rose said...

We are all recovered, thanks! All 4 older kids went back to school yesterday only to be home today due to an incoming blizzard! Funny how things go.
Suzanne, I hope your little ones recover soon. This lingered/traveled through our house for nearly 2 weeks- ugh.

Karen said...

So glad you all are feeling better! The night shirt is perfect for little boys. This one looks so warm and cozy and will be great for the cold weather you are having. Stay warm and take lots of vitamin C! Blessings, Karen