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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I'm having a flash pattern give away today! I thought it would be fun. I am an avid vintage pattern collector and I'm sure some of you enjoy them, too! I'm offering some patterns that I got as part of a lot. I like them, but they are either duplicates, not a size I need, or just not my style- but maybe yours!
Here are the offerings:
McCall's 7783, size 3 or Simplicity 6211, size 5

S 6072, size 6 months or S 8761, size 6 months
S 1253 or S 2982, both size 8

McCalls 3455, size 1 or S 4073, size Medium (6-8)

S9239 size 4 or McCalls 8439 size 5
 I have mostly girls and babies patterns today. Most of my little boy patterns I like to keep. Some of the envelopes are a bit tatty and I have not checked for completeness (though I assume they are). Free shipping to Continental US only (sorry!) If this is fun for my readers, I'll offer a different assortment next time. Here's how you can win!

3 Ways To Win!!
1. Be the first person to leave a comment stating which pattern you want. I'll disable moderation for today, so you will know when someone has done this.
2. Be the first person to correctly guess my favorite decade in fashion (range is from 1830 to 2000 by decade, ie 1870s). Leave a comment and when someone gets it, I'll let you know.
3. Correctly guess the birth month of my first child- you have a 1:12 chance. 

I thought this would be fun instead of the usual random winner. Let's see how it works out! Be sure to leave the pattern number you want in your comment as well as a way to contact you (through your profile or an email address).


Bratling said...

I like both of the baby patterns.. though don't let the 6 months label trick you into thinking that they're really for a child that age! And the size 4 S9239 and size 1 McCalls 3455. :) Any of those would be nice. Would it surprise you to know, Lisa, that I actually have the costume pattern? I'd guess that your favorite decade is 1900s, because you've gone to great lengths for accurate looking outfits from then!

Elisabeth Rose said...

OK, Laura, you get to pick 1 for being the first comment! Let me know which "1" you'd like.
No, the 1900s is not my favorite decade, but it is right up there!!
Everyone else, keep trying for the decade or my son's birthday month.

Lee said...

I would be really interested in the high yoked Simplicity, 6211, if it has a lined bodice. I'm planning a dress like that for my daughter for Easter, but my pattern doesn't include a lining, and I'm a bit iffy on construction order. Now for my guesses: Was your first child born in February? And is your favorite decade the 1940's? Thanks for the fun giveaway!
-Jenny Jo
j-j-s AT juno DOT com

Elisabeth Rose said...

Hi Lee! I just checked and the 6211 has facings, not a lining. You were not a winner, because the 1940s are not my favorite decade and my first child was not born in February. Everyone, keep trying! Thanks for your comment, Lee!!

alindbergh said...

S9234 that coat is just precious. Decade - 1920s, it was a good time for beautiful clothes Month- September, which is my firstborn's birth month.

Elisabeth Rose said...

alindbergh, You had great guesses, but no: 1920s isn't it and my firstborn is not September. Thanks for posting! Everyone else, keep guessing!
Bratling chose M3455, so that's the only one claimed so far!

Maria M said...

June? 1950s? Who knows? Love the baby patterns. Love pattern S 8761, size 6 months.

Elisabeth Rose said...

Maria, great guesses, but not the right answers. Thanks for trying!
I'm having a hard time giving these away- anyone else??

Donna said...

I have been without internet for two days and thought I'd missed out on the fun. I think maybe the 1930's is your favorite decade. Simplicity 6211 is simple but sweet!

Elisabeth Rose said...

Donna, 6211 will be on its way to you! The 1930s is (currently) my favorite fashion decade! Please send me your address to my email (mommysapronstrings at gmail dot com

Anyone else want a pattern by guessing my son's birth month??

Lillian Calloway said...

Would it be May? I love S8761.

Elisabeth Rose said...

Lillian, I wanted my first baby to be born in May, but it took till #5 to have a May baby!! I am so happy you found my blog! Thank you for becoming a follower, too!

Frances Suzanne said...

I'll give it a shot. . .let's go with August! If I am lucky enough to win, I would choose Simplicity 9239! Thanks for fueling our addiction to vintage patterns :).

Elisabeth Rose said...

Yeah, Frances Suzanne! You got it- #1 was born in August- 8 days late!! Email your address to me at mommysapronstrings@gmail.com and S9239 will be on its way!
We have our 3 winners now. I'm approaching 100 followers quickly, so I'll have to plan a great give away for that!!