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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Guess Who Came to Visit??

The divine Miss Ella came to stay with us for the day. Her Mama got a free day to do some carpet cleaning and tasks that are hard with a little one. We had fun playing and cuddling with this little cutie. I have to admit that I didn't do much of the cuddling (or work) since my very able assistants Katie and Rosie were "in charge." 
I was only allowed to photograph the day. They literally fought over who got to change the diapers!
She gave us a thumbs up for being held all cozy for her naps.
She had lots of fun seeing new rooms and playing with new friends.
This is the same basket I used to take pictures of Andy in. The little dress is an antique from a yard sale. The buttons at the neck didn't fasten!
The froggy outfit (in my previous post) is too big. But it should be just right by the time we get spring or summer weather, which is a good thing, because...
we couldn't take her out for a walk yesterday!
We tired her out and she was ready for her Mommy to come pick her up. We babysat her from 9am to 9pm and she didn't cry more than 30 seconds at a time all day. She is a very easy baby. Did I mention she sleeps 10 hours at night? I never had a child do that before a year old (or more!). 

In other news, I am excited to have reached 100 Followers! Thank you!! I will be putting together a give-away SOON, but today I am off for a little trip with the kids while they are on school vacation. Maybe I'll find a nice antique something to include while I am gone.

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