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Monday, February 11, 2013

PR&P week 6: My Signature Style

Classic. Elegant. Delicate. Detailed.
These are the words that I hope come to mind when you see my signature style
This Christening Gown is one of my favorite creations. I made it in December for my new Goddaughter, Ella. She was just 3 weeks old when she was baptized. Isn't she adorable?
This picture shows the yoke detail. I spent many hours smocking a "block" for the yoke. Then, much of it was cut away to shape the yoke (and even more was lost in the seams). That was the worst part- cutting away the smocking!
The dress is a classic 28" long and has a machine embroidered cross/floral design with a lacy fancy band and ruffle at the bottom.

 Here is Ella modelling the gown. I love the length on her. It was long enough to go past her feet without overwhelming her little 3 week old self. I took these pictures myself with a new photo light I got for Christmas. I love the way they turned out!
This is one of my favorite pictures from the Christening day. She is wearing a sweater and bonnet made by my friend Shirley. The cross necklace was a gift from me: a keepsake of the day.
My daughter gave her the Christening Bear that day. She looks so cute with a little bow in her hair.
Details on the Dress:
Pattern for Yokes: Chery Williams Baby Yokes, size 3 mos.
Pattern for Sleeves: Ellen Briggs Party Dress, size 1, reduced by 10%
Fabric: Satin Batiste, 100% cotton
Laces: French 100% cotton
Embroidery: Linny's Heirloom by Artistic Designs
 Ella says, "I love my dress, Auntie Lisa. I feel so pretty and girly in it."
"Yeah, Aunt Lisa, you rock!"


Upstatemamma said...

Oh my! She is too precious! I just made a christening gown over the weekend. Actually, I made it out of the baby's grandmother's wedding dress. It warns my heart to see christening gowns on sweet little babies. :)

The Nelson Family said...

You did an amazing job! It's just breath taking! :D

Goosegirl said...

Beautiful!!! The gown is so lovely and perfect and the baby is so very precious.

Goosegirl said...

She is beautiful and your gown is exquisite.

Shaffer Sisters said...

Wow, I hope you win this weeks sew along. This dress looks like it took so much work! It is simply beautiful!
Great Job Momma!
with love

Elisabeth Rose said...

Thank you all for your nice comments. This is one of my favorite things that I've made.

sallyavena said...

Oh this is just so lovely! I have a thing for vintage/heirloom type Christening dresses.

Frances Suzanne said...

Heirloom sewing still scares us!!! Wish it were easier.... :). You did a wonderful job for your signature style.

Elisabeth Rose said...

Thank you all so much- it is fun to share with people who appreciate your creations! Frances Suzanne- I know you girls can do heirloom- your stitching skills and embroidery are fabulous!!

Karen said...

Absolutely gorgeous! You did a fabulous job on this gown. Wow!

Charity said...

That gown is just gorgeous! Love the smocking and the row of flowers under it. And what a darling baby! =)

Scary @ Shaffer Sisters said...

We featured you on our blog. Thanks for sewing along! http://shaffer-sisters.blogspot.com/2013/02/prp-sew-along-winter-2013.html
With Love,
Shaffer Sisters