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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Twin Preemie Blankets

Hubby has a co-worker whose wife had twin boys in January. Due to a rare case of twin-to-twin transfusion, they had to be delivered at 25 weeks. They were only 1kg and 2 kg in weight. When I heard about them, I thought it would be nice to make them little blankets with their names. I'm very lucky that none of my 5 ever spent time in a NICU (or even in the nursery, for that matter) but I can imagine that it would be nice to have something personal in their crib. This doll is about 12" long and is wearing a Carter's preemie sized outfit. The blankets are 24" square.
Their names are Brandon and Alex. I had fun doing their names in Embird Text, using Alphabet #17. I just recently discovered how easy it is to do text of any size/shape with Embird (once you purchase their alphabet!). I have always liked the Curlz font!
This is some of my favorite flannel. I have some pink, blue, and green in my stash. I don't have much blue left, since the first attempt of Brandon's blanket had a "boo boo". I caught the blanket fabric behind the teddy applique- oops. The last set of twins I made blankets for also had this flannel, in pink and green. I love the random polka-dots!

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