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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Blessings for Aunt Mary

My Dad's sister Aunt Mary is our family go-to person for prayer. She is a special older lady and will soon be moving closer to our family. In order to make her new apartment a bit more welcoming, I made this kitchen towel for her.
The design is a combination of 2 embroideries!

This design is from Embroidery Library and I made it this way for my Mom for Christmas (but I forgot to take a picture). However, the fishes and loaves were stitch and thread change intensive, so I wanted to something simpler for Aunt Mary.

This design is from Urban Threads. I love the "Toile" type designs because they are quick to stitch, one color, and look so pretty!
My Handy Dandy Embird made quick work of combining these elements. I also shrank the kitchen tools.

I stitched on a Kitchen towel from Willams Sonoma. I found these recently and they are absolutely the BEST kitchen towels, both for looking great with embroidery and being nice towels. They only come in white, but they are large and have a nice hanging loop. Also, the front is an attractive flat weave, while the back is thirsty terry. I wish they were available in many colors- I'd never need any other towels!

I hope Aunt Mary is happy in her new home!


Sara said...

That is a beautifully embroidered towel with a wonderful verse! I may have to search for that specific towel company too;)

Janice said...

What a nice gift! Most women appreciate a useful gift, but few useful things are as personal as this dish towel. I love it and will probably copy it for my Aunt Rheeta. That would be just one more Lisa Inspired project!

Elisabeth Rose said...

Janice, you are so sweet! It was so quick to do- love the one-color and toile-type designs. I am amazed that my stuff could inspire someone as talented as you!